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How do I choose the right anti-fatigue mat?

Here at Everymat we are often asked this question, so here is a brief post covering some of the key points.

There are many types of mats that are sold as "anti-fatigue" mats, but our products are specially designed to suit particular purposes.  When choosing a mat, consider the following:

Know the purpose of the mat. Anti-slip or other mats are not always the same as anti-fatigue mats, although some mats will have multiple properties.  Choose a mat that matches your need best, or ask one of our staff which will best suit your situation.

The thickness of the mat. Softer and thicker may not always be better. Choose a mat that provides some elasticity, but at the same time is not so soft that a person feels they cannot stand comfortably.    We do have product samples available to assist with this.

Know the environment the mat will be used in.   Particles on the floor and chemicals being used in the area can affect certain materials.   Please tell our staff about any concerns you have.

Mats should not slip, or create a trip hazard.   It is important to tell us the type of flooring mats will be placed on, so that we can suggest the right backing material.  It is also interesting to note, that heavier, larger mats are much less likely to more around that lighter grade mats in smaller sizes.

Mats should have sloped edges, so they are less of a trip hazard, although the mat edge that is against a wall or work bench works better with a non-sloped edge.   We provide plan drawings for larger projects, making our clients confident the layout will work before the product is purchased.

  • Black matting with yellow hazard border, is preferred, so they highly visible on the floor even from a distance, or for persons that are partially sighted.
  • Mats may need to be cleaned. In some areas, such as food preparation, being able to adequately clean the mats will be important.

Quite a lot to think about?   Don’t let this delay your decision to benefit  - just tell one of friendly team, what you are looking for, and we will come up with some helpful suggestions.

We look forward to assisting you.

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