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How does an anti-fatigue mat works? Does it really make you feel comfortable?

Yes, they do make you comfortable…

Many persons might stand on a cold hard floor in the situation there was no floor covering (we all know what it feels like and have maybe never considered that it could be a whole lot better!!)

Cold hard floors leave you with cold feet, achy knees, back pain, and increasing tiredness and here’s why.

Anti fatigue mats and how they work

Anti fatigue matting is usually made of rubber or plastic, which is warmer than concrete and the ground, therefore raising your feet from the cold, and stopping the problems that are caused by cold legs and knee joints. It acts as an insulator between body heat and the floor. This stops the heat from your body going into the floor. Therefore making you feel better and also allowing to use your energy for working and not creating more heat to keep warm.

Rubber and plastic are softer materials, also supportive, making feet comfortable at the same time as supporting your legs and back, therefore reducing knee and back pain. Simply soft substances do not have anti-fatigue properties for persons standing, as they are not supportive enough (imagine standing on a mattress all day!!)

Anti fatigue matting is also proven in statistics to reduce staff absenteeism and to improve output in factories, simply because persons are provided more comfortable working conditions. This is of huge benefit and importance to business owners.

Thinking this sound good, but not sure which mat is best for you?

Home of the Kumfi Brand has a very useful chatbox on the homepage, they also answer e-mails very helpfully - sales@everymat.com

I can also make some recommendation for some situations that have been matched to the right anti fatigue mat….

Machine workshops and Welding Areas - Persons standing at workbenches - ErgoTred Mat - Rubber Anti Fatigue Mat - ORDER ONLINE - ONLY £55.00+VAT

Woodworking benches and Wash Down areas - Where persons are standing and particles are falling or water needs to run free, a mat with holes is needed - Workzone Mat - Moulded Rubber Duckboard 90 x 150cm - Only £30.00+VAT

Walkway and Pack Bench Matting - Kumfi Tough has a soft base and hard surface top to increase its durability - Feels like air to walk on is a very lovely mat for underfoot comfort - Kumfi Tough Anti Fatigue Matting. Price start as low as £45.00+VAT

And of course ask question here and we will be more than happy to help

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